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It has come to our attention that there is a very serious integrity problem with ball drilling within the bowling community. We encourage customers to ask questions about the validity of claims, not hearsay. Always ask the person who is drilling your bowling balls about their credentials, years of experience, and professionalism. Make sure they are familiar with different layout techniques, and what they have in common or different. Ask if they have software to show you ball layouts virtually, also ask them to get your PAP, axis rotation, axis tilt, MPH, rev rate out on the lane before drilling any high performance ball, if possible. Ball drilling layouts are over rated. The natural characteristics of the ball, surface of the ball, and bowler release defines ball motion way more than ball drilling. Knowing the difference in equipment the ball driller recommends for you is as important if not more important than how it is drilled. It is really sad to see customers become victims of prey, because someone is so desperate to either gain new business, or hurt someone else business. Integrity is earned, not stolen.

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